Sonorous landscape

The work arose from a simple element:  the pinwheel, this wind toy that I decide to sow as a flower in a landscape. In the production of the work four hundred pinwheel were necessary, these changed the color as a painting and produced sound modifying the landscape.
The landscape is a matter of which I have been investigating during some time, from the romantic sense retaking the notion of beauty in art. My reflection on the landscape turns concerning the contemplation and the sensitive notion of place as a recognition of affections and elements that transform the space. Therefore I made evident that is the presence of the feelings that makes possible the existence of the landscape.
The work shows itself with a projector of video on a wall, in such a way that the image covers a great part of the space and at the same time the sound is present in the whole place.


Paisaje Sonoro (Sonorous Landscape)
From the series Paisaje no es lo que vemos (Landscape Is Not What We See)
Video Installation
25 min.