Landscape is not what we see, is what we felt…

The landscape is not a mere physical place, it is the set of a series of ideas, sensations and feelings that we elaborated from the place and its constituent elements. The word landscape, with one more letter than location also demands something more: an interpretation process, a character (temperament) search and an emotional presence.

Javier Maderuelo

No landscape is without interpretation, says the historian Javier Maderuelo, and in light of this premise, I show how nature creates her own music staffs and human works intervene. I took a series of photographs of the vegetation that grows on the wires of overhead power lines, which I then converted into perforated cards that take on a life of sound in nostalgic music boxes.

Paisaje Interpretado (Interpreted Landscape)
From the series Paisaje no es lo que vemos (Landscape Is Not What We See)
Music Box
40 x 40 x 32 x 120 cm approx.
2011- 2012