Saudade is a reflection of a coastal landscape where coal is giving shape to reality. A docudrama where its images give to the spectator a tactile experience to expose an environmental damage.

A fixed camera near the sea, records how waves enter and leave the frame, an inherent drama unfurls the viewer showing how life happens in front of it. Images exposed resemble a mountain landscape gradually disappearing as well as its disintegrating waves crash onto the shore and as soon as the water is returning to the sea. A double reflexion that shows mining power and its effects.

The evident layer of coal dust accumulated after years reveal its beauty and painfulness once its origin its recalls to the viewer that are immerse on its contemplation, simultaneously invoking sadness and joy.

Saudade is dialogue-free, using natural sounds, dogs barking, wind and water without manipulation for an immersive effect. Using daringly distended long takes to attune us to the fact that dust coal is the only product that remain in the places where these mines are located, not money or development are left only a visible and tangible layer of black dust.

The images were taken in the Colombian northern coast but could be recorded in any of the others open cold mines in the world, remind us that it is not only a local situations but a global problem that needs urgent political will and better management.



Video, photography and etching